We are so happy to have finally found a holiday destination for our cat Missy! We have had a few really bad experiences in the past, and have been really reluctant to leave our cat with anybody. We found Happy Cats on the web and were really impressed with what we saw and after talking to the staff there on the phone felt really confident to give it a go! When we arrived to drop Missy off, Kelly was just fabulous! Happy Cats is clean, neat and beautifully laid out and our usually very fussy cat seemed to be quite at home! Kelly is professional, warm and friendly and bent over backwards to accommodate our cat's fussy eating habits and put us at ease with all our concerns and questions. Her passion shines through all she does and we can highly recommend her services to anyone! She even allowed Missy to send us an sms to let us know she was doing just fine- that kind of personal touch is rare and very much appreciated!

Eloise van der Merwe


Tom & I were so appreciative of your kind words & deeds of support when we lost our dear Caddy so suddenly a few weeks ago. What a wonderful horse she was. Star of Riding for disabled & such a good girl. We were devastated and so close to our Bindi whom we lost last year. Gypsy is the one we all thought would be the first to go. Brumbies are amazing horses. So it is now just Gypsy & borrowed buddy Bounce out in the paddock now so sad. I have to thank you for the exceptional care you gave to our horses whenever we went away. Whether it was the other side of the world, the other side of the country, for 8 weeks or overnight we never worried because we knew that you would do whatever was needed to keep them happy and healthy. You visited twice a day, put coats on and off, gave medication, brushed, scratched and loved our girls and they loved you. You didn’t just feed and run, you stayed and spent time with our very spoilt ones. How we appreciate that. I will always treasure the Christmas card you made with photos of our girls with a set of antlers each and with cute comments from each reflecting their personalities exactly. We don’t know how long we will have our dear Gypsy but we do know we will always have a very special relationship with you. Did you realise you have been looking after our girls for the last 6 years. You have given us the best of both worlds, Horses in our paddock and the freedom to travel the world.

Without your dedicated care the second part just would not have happened you are a treasure.

Thanks Kel, Megan Jackson & Tom Courtney


The name of “Happy Cats” for a Cattery says it all. My wife and I have been leaving our two cats “Minki” and “Sharni” with Kelly since they first opened in 2007, having full confidence that they will be well fed, settled with the best of care.  Sincerely

Ron & Jenny Sever


I am a very fussy person when it comes to my “children”.  I have had Chrissy and Henry for 12 years, and of course they are very special to me. It is too easy to find cat or dog “sitters”, but just try to find someone who can connect with, or feel comfortable with birds….it is not easy. Kelly has affection for all animals and instantly made me feel very comfortable and secure that she would take good care of them.  I also tend to spoil my kids and they have a Himalayan salt lamp, a radio, and a heater for the winter. Kelly never flinched when I brought all of these in to make their area as similar to their home environment as possible. One of them also has to have a special diet, and Kelly was more than happy to feed them as needed.  I was also impressed to see how important it is to her to keep her areas clean, sterile and free from any possibility of passing on any germs.

My babies have spent several “vacations” with Kelly, and I highly recommend her for the care of any and all animals.

Timmi, Henry and Sally