Mini-Pets Boarding

We have boarding facilities available for birds and small pets (rabbits, guinea-pigs, ferrets, rats & mice.)

Our facility is indoors “mosquito free” and large enough for you to bring your own cage. Safety and security for your pet is paramount to us. We have three rooms on offer for our mini pet boarders. Each room is bright and spacious, draught free containing a window for views and sunlight for sunbaking. Most importantly your pet is housed in a safe secure room away from the cats nothing can get in or out!!!!

Our guests are housed individually preventing the transmission of disease, and are able to view each other thru glass panels for stimulation. Plenty of human interaction is provided along with daily health checks 7days a week.


Your pet will be provided with freshly picked grass and seasonal fruit/vegies on a daily basis.

We provide fresh hay for bedding, or pillows blankets!!

We kindly ask that you bring in your pets favourite seed/pellet mix to minimise any change.


Please discuss any health concerns you may have with your local vet prior to boarding. Medications or any special requirement are happily followed as per your requests.

To help your pet settle in to their new surroundings we kindly ask that you bring your own cage and cage cover (if required) If your bird requires a night light please also advise us of this.

We would like to keep your pet/s in a routine that closely mimics what happens at home. Please provide us with a general daily routine and interaction schedule for your pet/s.