Our VIP (Very Important Pussycats) have the option of a backpacker, Balcony, Bangla or Deluxe/Family suite (for the multi-cat owner).

Each suite contains a separate sleeping area complete with comfy heated beds for the colder months, toys and scratchy posts. Just like a 5 star resort there is plenty of stimulation, including enjoying a groom, massage or manicure.

Cats can exercise in the kitty gymnasium or simply enjoy the beautiful views whilst sun-baking. 


We offer competitive prices on alternative budgets, giving clients various options or the opportunity to simply spoil their cats. Please ask us about our up to date prices

Backpacker Room

Our Backpacker room is ideal for clients on a budget.Consisting of, an indoor room, with the opportunity to go into an outside play area during the day.  

Balcony Suite

The Balcony suite is perfect for first time boarders or for the kitty who feels safe up high. Access to outside is through a window which leads to an elevated platform. 


Deluxe or Family Suite

Our Deluxe or Family suites are large enough to accommodate a family of 4 cats or for one very spoilt moggie.  Offering the additional luxuries of a larger enclosure for the more adventurous, comfy couches, slides, play tunnels and climbing apparatus, enclosed in a secure outdoor area with beautiful views and sun-baking.



  Bangla Suite

 The Bangla room is perfect for our guests who require access to a more private, secure outside enclosure via a cat door